Our company is specialized in supplying our very own premium quality ingredients for food, beverage, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries. Our tailored products and exemplary services are said to be our outstanding hallmarks toward the global market. We are tied up with the most reliable and dedicated partners whose main goal is to stretch the boundaries of taste and bring you the flavor of nature.


A thousand flavors have been formulated from the Earth’s resources to deliver your own concepts; hence, bringing a taste what you never tasted. We prioritize your ideas and ensure to provide a flavorful action and solution.

Our main goal is to sustain our efficiency in providing our customers an exceptional delight when it comes to the range of products and services.  We aim not just to provide a palatable taste but to capture the satisfaction of the customers as we bring out the “Taste of Difference.”


Food & Beverages

Our functional products are conceptualized to provide a refreshing sensory taste as it has never been tasted before.  We supply individual aroma components, extracts, and distillates as well as complete solutions such as emulsions and raw materials producing optimum quality.


We ensure optimization and stringent procedure in manufacturing pharmaceutical products. Our holistic and innovative approach offers solutions for dietary supplements and pharmaceutical preparations, following the latest trends and consumer needs with regard to healthy and balanced nutrition.


Dress your cuisine with our optimum savory that is palatable and ethically made with pride. Our flavor library is enhanced to deliver the perfect aroma compounds, color, and taste for both processed and non-processed meat products following the trends such as “Clean Label” or salt and fat reduction.


Sweets are everywhere! We cater food ingredients that are dynamically needed to satisfy the world’s desire and addiction for baked and sweet goods, chocolate, chewing gum, cereals, marmalade, spreads, desserts, ice cream, dairy products etc.


Our organized additive library is safely regulated for the flavors in tobacco and related products, we offer compounds or mixtures to come up with a certain flavor unique to your taste.



Symrise is a global supplier of fragrances, flavorings, cosmetic base materials and substances as well as functional ingredients. With a market share of 11 % (2017), Symrise is one of the world's top suppliers in the F&F market.


Nigay's R&D experts are at the forefront of trends and are well positioned to develop, innovate and offer the caramels you are looking for.
Nigay brings its technical support to your projects designed to meet your needs.